From standard Visa, Mastercard to foreign payment types such as WeChat, Alipay, and much more. A white-label gateway is a gateway system that allows entrepreneurs or brands to process online payments using their brand name while using third-party services. Integrating a payment gateway into the existing brand’s website or application can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The white label option is easier to implement and allows business owners to save resources.

You can start offering and using your payment system as soon as you start a partnership with our company. Your payment system will work with all the necessary providers and meet all modern industry requirements. You will receive a sought-after product, ready to be sold to your customers. Thanks to our offer, you can launch your own payment system from scratch with minimal loss of time and money. The service will be handled by the PayAdmit team imperceptibly to your users.

Easy integration of multiple payment methods into your site or platform. We offer a turnkey payment solution for rent for companies operating in various business areas. All you need is to develop your business, organize the operational part, and start earning using our solution. Ensure cardholder white label payment gateway data is not exposed at any time during a payment transaction with P2PE, the most secure and effective solution. Hips payment gateway is a core component of all Hips payment acceptance products. You may benefit from the original payment gateway by using a white-label payment gateway.

whitelabel payment gateway

Decrease your time to market by relying on PayPipes as your technical partner to build additional connections within weeks. Bring your brand and colours to the payment page design and give your customers a familiar buying experience on the web and mobile. PayPipes makes it easy to connect and maintain integrations to gateways and payment APIs.

What do you need to consider when choosing a white-label company?

Cardstream offers fraud prevention technology through their third-party integration with Kount. Payment Calendar provides a weekly and monthly overview of all the incoming payments from every payment method provider, optimising your financial planning. By cooperating with PayAdmit, you do not need to spend time on your own software development.

  • If you work on a subscription model, you need a flexible payment solution that allows you to accept payments from customers seamlessly.
  • That helps you deliver a great transaction experience to your customers, while helping avoid costly on-site data security assessments.
  • Subscription management will help increase LTV and reduce the number of lost and expired subscriptions.
  • To stay competitive today, you have to expand your offering with both global and local options, as well as with value-added services catering to merchants’ needs.
  • As it becomes clear now, white label payment service provider is a ready-made solution through which you can offer online payment processing services to companies under your brand.
  • Building a server infrastructure and completing a PCI DSS assessment to prove you’re able to process and store transactions details and cardholders’ data securely and prevent fraud.

Gain insights that matter to your business, which you can act upon. Everything in real-time and cross-channel, giving access to the intelligence your business needs to optimize and grow. All in a sexy and intuitive User Interface that’s branded as your own.

What Is a White Label Payment Gateway?

As the owner, you’re free to open merchant accounts on the platform and onboard your clients. Use your Dashboard for convenient management of all operations. We roll out a merchant portal on your domain and under your brand. It’s a place where your merchants can manage their transactions, monitor activity, view balances, etc.

whitelabel payment gateway

We are happy to assist our customers, for any query related to white label payment processing, we are ready to help you at . Ensure that the provider allows you to market their services under your own name. If they extend their services to your customers but they require you to retain their name and branding, they’re not a true white label gateway.

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This is the best option if you want to process payments under your own brand with a custom solution while saving on payment transaction fees. In conclusion, a white label gateway from Axcess Merchant Services is a hassle-free solution for businesses looking to offer online payment processing. Our white label gateway is fully customisable, reliable, and secure, and can be integrated with a variety of e-commerce platforms. With our commitment to exceptional customer support, businesses can focus on growing their business while leaving the technical details of payment processing to us.

Payneteasy’s white-label solution is all about simplifying payment processing and refining the customer service your business provides. It is a sophisticated yet easily manageable system that can collect and authenticate data for you to accept payment transactions. Payment gateway, a portal where customers can securely enter their payment information to process transactions on their websites. Many payment processors now have white-label checkout tools or open software for developers to fully customize the checkout process, and some companies make products solely for white-label use. As it becomes clear now, white label payment service provider is a ready-made solution through which you can offer online payment processing services to companies under your brand.

Generate tasks for account managers automatically, thereby helping top-middle management forget the necessity of controlling operational tasks and focusing on growing the business. White Label Payment solutions are fully hosted in our environment to help businesses greatly reduce and simplify PCI compliance requirements. Integrate powerful technology to capture more revenue, increase transaction approval ratio, and prevent declined transactions. ” Smart routing and cascading to grow transaction acceptance ratio and cut the processing fees in half.” Alongside the fraud and chargeback protection, PaySpace offers a chargeback management tool so if ever the “friendly” chargeback happens, it will be closed in client’s favor. Branded detailed documentation and full API references are available for your merchants to help them explore the platform’s capabilities and the features of the back office.

If that’s so, opting for a white-label solution can be the way to go. Obviously, there are plenty of advantages to Akurateco’s payment gateway. And while this translates into more flexibility and ability to adjust to the needs of specific customers, it also translates into fewer integrations and smaller acquiring networks.

Alleviate the risks by flagging suspicious transactions, defining risk profiles per merchant, and connecting to third-party services via API. We significantly reduce the burden of development, IT, and infrastructure services costs, hosting and managing the platform for you. White label payment provider is a perfect way to enhance your offering and gain another source of income. Run your own scalable and competitive payment business saving up to 70% in development and operational costs. We offer a white-label solution – rental of software for a payment system, ready to be integrated into any site. It is a fully customized and tested solution deployed on your domain.

Intelligent Transaction Routing

This process includes planning, analysing, designing, and coding and requires a lot of time and money. One of the crucial products you would have to develop is a payment page, as it is an essential customer-facing element of your system. We are constantly working to bring new features and payment methods to our platform, aiming to become the most connected technical provider in the world. All upgrades are instantly available for you and your clients to benefit from. Shared Responsibilities and Ownership – As long as the payment gateway is working correctly, the business will not be solely responsible or saddled with any problems. They can alternatively concentrate on fixing or improving the payment service.

whitelabel payment gateway

Opting for a white label model, business owners preserve their peace of mind, knowing they use a comprehensive technical solution from an established provider with a solid reputation. Route payments efficiently and avoid failed transactions, fix checkout experience to gain higher conversion and acceptance rates. Given that an average integration with a white-label system takes up to one month, it speeds things up for merchants all set and ready to start selling. Starting sooner rather than later is essential to the success of your business. But remember that their services and the system are more fine-tuned to high-risk merchants leaving some of the needs of the low-risk ones unmet. In this article, we’ll look into the benefits and explore your best white-label payment gateway software options available now.

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A white label payment gateway is a payment solution used to offer payment processing services to your customers under your brand. For example, you can handle credit card payments in various currencies using this payment gateway. In addition, you are allowed to sell these services directly to your clients through the payment solution. A white-label payment gateway is a payment gateway method that allows a company to provide payment processing services under its name. A payment gateway is software that enables merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online. It acts as a mediator between a customer’s and a merchant’s bank.

How To Get A White Label Payment Gateway For Your Business?

We deliver monthly updates adding new functionality to meet the demands of the market as well as upgrade the existing features to suit the requirements of our clients. A stable and secure platform for the first-class customer experience. The relationship between banks and their merchants is dwindling. New players are coming into the space vying for your customer’s attention.

Online retailers can only accept customer credit or debit card payments with a payment gateway. Connect multiple payment service providers and methods to minimise the effect of threats your business may face. In-house built fraud and risk management tools tailored to financial institutions and their requirements, enabling you to effectively manage your partner channel. We seamlessly layer additional anti-fraud providers in front of our in-house built technology on demand, building exactly the fraud tool you need for your business. These are the top white-label payment gateway providers you should consider when choosing one for your business. In the meantime, let’s look into the advantages of having white-label software.

Save on processing fees, skyrocket your conversion rates, and increase customers’ satisfaction with a refined own-branded checkout solution. Provide advanced merchant services for online businesses within a few weeks, having hundreds of connections established for you. An acquiring bank is a bank or financial institution that processes credit or debit card payments on behalf of a Merchant. Easily manage and do the reconciliation of all incoming payments with our software that matches the internal platform transactions with bank statements in any format.

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