Most commonly, the average person prefers the desktop or mobile versions of these wallets, for both their accessibility and availability. There are so many different types of Dash wallets available, that it’s perfectly understandable if it’s difficult to make your mind up on just a single one. When it comes to making a decision, online tutorials, guides, and reviews usually offer great advice. They’re definitely the best choice if you want ultimate security. If you’re reading this guide, chances are that you’re probably quite familiar with Dash.

With the Dash coin wallet, you require no verification whilst accessing your funds other than a security key. You don’t need any ID, photos or anything in between to access your Dash wallet funds. The Jaxx digital currency wallet is very well known in the crypto world. It is considered by many to be the best digital Dash coin wallet out there.

What makes a good Dash wallet?

It enables to seamlessly and securely send and receive Dash by texting, no downloads or internet required. Exodus is a multi-asset wallet with exchange functions built in. You can exchange crypto tokens within the wallet’s premises . In essence, you can use Jaxx Wallet as a one-stop destination to store, buy, sell and exchange crypto-based digital assets.

  • The plastic and aluminum body of the device is very resistant.
  • This makes DASH a fast and decentralized crypto payment solution.
  • Therefore, always select those Dash wallets that keep these types of expenses to a minimum and do not charge unnecessary fees to make money.
  • Exodus lets you send, receive and exchange Dash along with over 180 other cryptocurrencies.

In order to secure cryptocurrencies, Ledger is the perfect tool. Furthermore, it is important to find out how supportive the support team actually is. To find information about this, visit discussion forums like Reddit to see what first-hand users have to say. But before you settle on any one of them, make sure that their security framework is verifiable. Security is obviously the most important aspect to keep in mind to ensure your funds remain intact. Finally, press the “Trade” button and enter the amount you want to invest in Dash coins.

#2 Coinomi

Simply type the name of the coins you want to buy into the search bar. Coinbase arrived late in the US scene and is fully licensed to operate in North America as well as Canada. It announced its launch in the US in March this year and offers a wide range of services for its users. To send Dash to your Dash wallet address, click “Deposit” and from there on you can start trading Ethereum with the other assets on Binance. Visit the eToro platform’s official website and click the ‘Join Now’ button. To create your login credentials, enter the required information such as your name, address, user name, phone number, and email address.


Jaxx does keep your private keys on your own device, but there’s no support yet for 2-factor authentication. The wallet is compatible with dozens of cryptocurrencies and conveniently has Shapeshift built in for easy token swapping. The Dash Core wallet gives you control of your private keys and is simple to setup and use. There’s also an iOS app which connects directly to the DASH network and uses Shapeshift to allow for Bitcoin payments using DASH. Trezor was the first cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and it remains a popular choice. It is both small and secure, giving you PIN protection, manual transaction verification, 2-factor authentication, and advanced cryptography.

All content on CaptainAltcoin is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment. Developed by Hash Engineering Solutions, DASH Wallet is the first open-source Android mobile app for DASH. This wallet was developed with the sole purpose of storing, sending, and receiving DASH securely.

This wallet is one of the very first cryptocurrency storage options. It has been functioning since 2011 and was originally created only for Bitcoin. Today, it is possible to store several types of coins in it, however, at the same time, Electrum is not a multi-currency wallet. The official options are available Bitcoin, Dash, and Vertcoin, all the rest are unofficial, developed by third-party sources using open source code. If you’re an active trader, that can also dissuade the matter even further – trading-wise, software and online wallets are much more convenient. People who might have security trust issues might choose the hardware devices or the paper wallets.

However, once the sync is complete, you will enjoy all the benefits of this currency in a jiffy. Like most other multi-currency wallets, Exodus takes your privacy and security very seriously. This is the reason why none of your private keys are every stored on third server. Do you think Bitcoin is great but believe that some improvements could be made to the currency? It is one of the most user-friendly currencies around and calls itself a ‘payments-focused’ digital currency.


The list of available assets is updated on weekly basis, so if you didn’t find your favourite coin here — you can be sure it will be added soon. To store your funds safely, you need to choose a reliable wallet. If you are going to keep the coins, a cold wallet is the most convenient option.

Exodus Wallet

There are over 10 million DASH coins in circulation at the moment. Originally called XCoin, Dash was launched in January 2014 as a fork of Litecoin . Dash is an open-source blockchain platform that offers a decentralized, fast and cheap global payments network. Secure multiple assets, including Dash using a Ledger hardware wallet.

TheShapeShift integration is a great thing to have here as you can easily convert your DASH into Bitcoin if you need to send a transaction to a merchant that only accepts BTC. This is the only official DASH mobile ETH wallet available for iPhone. It was launched on the Apple Store after a rigorous review process. Bitcoin and Ethereum are always the talks of the cryptocurrency town.

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It supports numerous major coins as well as ERC20, NEP5 and ERC223 tokens. In addition to this, the wallet has a beautiful layout and intuitive user interface. Data suggests there will be over 18 billion mobile devices in use around the world by the year 2025. Suffice to say, we live in a mobile world and that’s only going to increase. Hence, mobile Dash wallets are perhaps the most important wallets in development.

The biggest downsides are the lack of an iOS version and the lack of support for any coins besides DASH. It was designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and the interface is perfect even for beginners. And there’s Shapeshift built right in, making conversions quick and easy. There is no support for the PrivateSend and InstantSend features, but support is planned for the future. One solid improvement that came from DASH is the masternode concept.

Dive in to find the best solution for your Dash storage and transaction needs. However, there is a Dash wallet that is best for you and that depends on your wants and needs. At YouHodler, we tried our best to create a diverse, multi-faceted wallet that appeals to all sectors of the crypto industry. Multi HODL The most user-friendly trading service in crypto. No order placements fee.Crypto Loans Get cash loan for more than 50 coins as collateral. Bank and credit card withdrawals.Dual Asset Combines yield generating strategies from DeFi with traditional FinTech simplicity.

Can Dash reach $1,000?

Yes, Dash will hit $1,000 per coin again by 2025 at the soonest according to our price forecast system.

It has a trustable developer team and consistent best dash walletbase since the early days because it was one of the pioneer cryptocurrency mobile wallets. I am introducing Magnum wallet for those Dash coin users who want a web wallet and aren’t a fan of hardware or mobile wallets. Coinomi is another wallet that supports Dash coin, and the wallet is especially for people looking for reliable Dash mobile wallets. It is easily the most used lightweight cryptocurrency desktop wallet where you are not required to download the whole blockchain for synchronization. DASH Wallet is an HD wallet but it works on BIP32, not BIP44 which is mostly used by other multi-currency wallets like Jaxx. However, you can’t export them out of Dash wallet as you do in Jaxx.

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