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Similar to any other trading system, it has drawbacks as well. Only constant practice would enable a trader to filter out the signals provided by the crossover of the EMAs. There is no method that can show you how to identify trend reversal with 100% accuracy. Instead, what you can do is to read the price action and identify the possible area where the market could reverse.

What is the best EMA for a 5 min chart?

It makes EMA more sensitive and more responsive to the current market conditions. Therefore, the exponential moving average may be considered the best moving average for a 5 min chart. A 20-period moving average will suit best. The MACD indicator is based on the exponential moving averages.

Different types of trends to level up your trend trading game, you can read all about themhere. To be honest, there’s no best type of moving average to use. EMA is simply more responsive compared to SMA, because of the way the EMA is calculated. There are no hard and fast rules for this trading strategy.

EMA Pine Script

I have created a strategy as per my understanding. Refer to the below link for your strategy conditions. Please note, when your profit comes down to lock profit level, it will start exiting positions.

This makes the https://forexhero.info/ a little less fast than the EMA line, but faster than the SMA line. The first period in the calculation has the least weight, the middle point has an average weight, and finally, the last period in the calculation has double the weight of the middle point. The more recent a period is, the more weight it carries in the calculation.

Is 5 EMA strategy profitable?

Overall, the 5 EMA Candlestick Trading Strategy is a straightforward and effective approach to trading that uses simple technical indicators and candlestick patterns to identify key levels and make profitable trades.

Forex scalping is a method of trading where the trader typically makes multiple trades each day, trying to profit off small price movements. The true strength index is a momentum oscillator used to provide trade signals based on overbought/oversold levels, crossovers, and divergence. We then proceed to trail the sec­ond half of the position by the 20-period EMA plus 15 pips.

This is desirable when an EMA is used to derive a trading entry signal. Consequently, the conclusions drawn from applying a moving average to a particular market chart should be to confirm a market move or to indicate its strength. The optimal time to enter the market often passes before a moving average shows that the trend has changed. It is simply the sum of the stock’s closing prices during a time period, divided by the number of observations for that period.


The EMA’s calculation is a little more complicated than the calculation of the simple MA. At first, you need to calculate the Simple Moving Average. Our guide will help you understand how they work and how to use these less common MA types in your trading process. Understanding how to read Moving Average signals can lead to incredible results.

  • Still, on Forex, a 5 min scalping strategy may include other tools to either confirm signals or find new ones.
  • Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.
  • Also, the price may fail to reach profit targets if the market is calm and there is a lack of liquidity, while unexpected events can lead to high volatility and a market reversal.

The information provided by StockCharts.com, Inc. is not investment advice. Trading and investing in financial markets involves risk. You are responsible for your own investment decisions. Finally, the long-term trend can also be derived from a daily chart; the same methodology applies, but with the 50- and 200-EMAs substituted in. If the 50-EMA is below the 200-EMA it implies a bear market and if the 50-EMA is above the 200-EMA it implies a bull market.

EMA can be used as dynamic support and resistance

Similarly, the EMA relies wholly on historical data. Many economists believe that markets are efficient, which means that current market prices already reflect all available information. If markets are indeed efficient, using historical data should tell us nothing about the future direction of asset prices. Since EMAs place a higher weighting on recent data than on older data, they are more responsive to the latest price changes than SMAs. That makes the results from EMAs more timely and explains why they are preferred by many traders.

trend change

If the price goes in your favor, then take profits when candle close beyond 50 EMA (your exit if you’re right). A short-term MA will let you ride short-term trends. Whereas a long-term MA will let you ride long-term trends. The moving average is one of the most versatile trading indicators I’ve come across, and it can be used in different ways you never thought possible.

Take profit

The point is that there are many ways that you can profit from the EMA crossover strategy, and the great thing is that you only really need to use two simple technical indicators. I don’t just a weak trend based on moving average crossover. Here are a few moving average trading strategy examples…

That is why some traders prefer this type of Moving Average. Receive a daily overview of the market, or program alerts when a market reaches a price level. This way you don’t need to scan the market for opportunities, you can simply place an alert and then potentially create a trade.

  • Even the strongest trending markets sometimes become reversed out of the blue.
  • If the market respects none of the above moving averages, then you can just remove those moving averages.
  • The long-term EMA is drawn using a time period of 50.
  • For long-term trading, an SMA will be smoother and more ideal.
  • A positive crossover of the previously mentioned MA’s is called a Golden Cross.

Even the 5 ema trading strategyest trending markets sometimes become reversed out of the blue. This is a great strategy but I would pair if with divergence and when the cross happens wait for a pull back then enter. This is a lot more profitable than sticking to a single time frame, and is a strategy that many people, including myself, use to generate profits on a regular basis. Indeed there was another upward EMA crossover the next day which would also have been profitable, but I always like to trade the first crossover whenever possible.

To construct a moving average ribbon, plot many Moving Averages of varying time period lengths on a price chart. Common parameters include eight or more moving averages and intervals that range from a 2 to 400-period moving average. The most popular EMA ribbon consists of eight lines from the 20 to 55-period EMAs. The optimal Moving Average to use for analysis depends on the trading strategy.

This strategy uses the 5-period Exponential Moving Average to identify trends and trading signals. In this blog, we’ll discuss how this strategy works, its advantages and disadvantages, and some tips for effective trading. The triple exponential moving average smooths price fluctuations, making it easier to identify trends. It is unclear whether or not more emphasis should be placed on the most recent days in the time period. Many traders believe that new data better reflects the current trend of the security. At the same time, others feel that overweighting recent dates creates a bias that leads to more false alarms.

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You can decide whether to take buy-side signals/sell-side signals/ both only or sell-side signals only. Update it to the latest version or try another one for a safer, more comfortable and productive trading experience. To apply the Exponential Moving Average to your chart in both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, you need to choose Insert – Indicators – Trend. Then you need to click on the “Moving Average” button and change the MA method to Exponential. You may use SMA as the EMA for the previous period if you calculate the EMA for the first time.

Scalping is a popular approach in Forex trading, as many traders don’t want to wait for potential rewards. It involves numerous short-term trades on low timeframes, including 1, 5, and 15-minute charts. It requires significant funds, lots of experience, and a well-developed plan that will allow traders to reach a considerable success rate.


If long, then place a stop loss of2 ATRfrom your entry (your exit if you’re wrong). I’m not saying having a profit target is wrong because swing traders do fine with a fixed profit target. If you want to better time your entries, look to enter your trades at an area of value , and not when it’s far from the MA.

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So in other words, it gives you an opportunity to enter a position right at the start of a new trend. He is the most followed trader in Singapore with more than 100,000 traders reading his blog every month… There are lots of entry techniques depending on your trading style. Your analysing is amazing , who don’t know market, they can easily understand after reading your articles, you are the best analyser to market beginners. And so if the stop loss is hit, a larger part of the trade capital will be affected; and not sustainable longer term. The difference is the way the moving average is calculated.

Confirm your email and phone number, get your ID verified. This procedure guarantees the safety of your funds and identity. Once you are done with all the checks, go to the preferred trading platform, and start trading. In trading, we can rely on a bunch of different entry signals.

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In downtrends, shorter Moving Averages cross below longer Moving Averages. In uptrends, conversely, show shorter Moving Averages cross above longer Moving Averages. Good Crypto is constantly adapting and growing, the developments are based on the feedback of users and the team aims to create the best cryptocurrency trading application on the market.

Is 5 EMA good for intraday?

In general, the EMA is set at 9 by default. This is good for the short term, but most intraday traders pick the value of 8 or 20 to get a better interpretation of price information and to make trade decisions. Here the price trending above the moving average gives the bullish signal.

A Golden cross or a Death cross can either be the 50 EMA crossing the 100 EMA or the 200 EMA. The higher the EMA period crossing, the stronger the signal. In this example we see 100 EMA crossing down the 200 EMA, which is one of the strongest cross signals you can find.


I am so grateful to have come across this vital information regarding MA. I had difficulty understanding it’s use, but Rayner explained it all. The space between the 20 and 50EMA is to define an area of value, I don’t use it to determine if the trend is coming to an end or not. You should be able to trade about 60 markets from these 5 sectors. Then you’ll get an entry into an existing trend and ride it for all it’s worth. You’re going to use the MA indicator to identify areas of value on your chart.

Crossovers are important when the market has a strong trend. Usually, a cross happens when either selling or buying is exhausted, and the market turns around. It’s a great indication to see a potential reversal in trend.

MA (actually I’m using Exponential) I have to admit is my only indicator I utilize. There isn’t much difference between EMA’s and SMA’s. Actually SMA’s tested out to be better when used in real time vs EMA’s. BUT it really comes down to preference since the difference is so minute. I am an old trader still turning in circles with no big success. So you want to be shorting USD/CAD instead of USD/JPY (because it’s a relatively weaker market).

Does 5 EMA strategy work?

This strategy very simple it detect the reversal of trend. whenever the candle settle above the 5 EMA without touching the candle body / Low / High to 5 Period EMA , it detect the candle and draws the signal.

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