The aim is to show Fox News superfans what their favorite “Fox News personalities do outside the newsroom”, drawing viewers tighter into the network’s destructive embrace. Henry’s fellow correspondent Griff Jenkins also sometimes co-hosts Fox & Friends, where he gets to divulge exclusive reporting like his allegation that ethnic studies classes aren’t educational. Rather, he said, “they’re making social justice warriors out of children” – a blood-red culture-warrior attack absurd enough to prompt a chuckle from the guest.

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  • Also in the 1970s, theadvent of tape began to replace film, which made getting images on the air a much faster and easier process.
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  • I don’t want small businesses to fail or people to lose their jobs.
  • Most people, eventually including Donald Trump, assumed Hillary Clinton would be elected the 45th president of the United States that November.

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We don’t draw enough ties between our entire body of coverage. We don’t point out the consistency in our approach, the thoughtfulness behind our decisions or the pains we take to represent multiple sides of an issue fairly. KCRG decided to explain to users how it was going to cover President Donald Trump’s use of profanity to describe some third-world countries. In the opinion piece, a news manager explains how they are going to cover the story differently than other media organizations, by focusing on the “why” and not the reactionary soundbites. This post allowed the newsroom to explain its news values and set itself apart from “the media,” a group that when lumped together can often be criticized and distrusted. KCRG also shared the post on Facebook and asked for feedback on how they chose to cover the story.

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Copy everything from the bread and butter newsletter, and replace the chair’s message with a video. It’s quite possible that Trump’s presidency will be the most transformative one in history. Contrary to Trump’s characterization in the leftist media, he’s going to do what’s best for our country.

Even if your site is initially rejected, you can try to register again after 60 days once you make some changes and improve your content quality. Make use of the right amount of resources for quality assurance. Google News sends more than 10 billion clicks to publishers, so getting featured there is sure to bring you a large traffic volume. Once you get featured on Google News, you’ll perhaps improve your domain authority and the number of backlinks generated from your articles.

Ground News provides tools to help readers compare how different news sources are covering the same story, making it easier for you to feel more informed about the news you’re consuming. The Ground News community can conveniently see how a story is being reported according to a source’s political bias rating, geographic location, and when it was published. These features can be used in the free version of Ground News, but we offer subscriptions for news junkies and anyone else dedicated to seeing past the partisan spin.

My colleagues Sharon Kann and Julie Tulbert examined an entire year of evening news abortion coverage on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News and found that Fox aired 94% of all three networks’ statements about abortion, and Fox was wrong 85% of the time. Sign up to receive this free newsletter, as well as event and conference updates, free capacity building resources and more from the Our Community Team. The newsroom is where the stories are gathered, written, put together, edited and assembled for the news broadcast, telecast or newspaper. Older people were more likely to know that Facebook conducts content experiments without explicitly informing them compared to people younger than 44. The majority of respondents knew that Facebook makes money from advertising, though Republicans (91.9%) were more likely to know that compared to Democrats (83.9%). After being indexed, news articles are delivered to you via a REST JSON API.